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Maintaining Your Business COVID 19

There are unique challenges each business faces in order to stay open or in re-opening during this Pandemic And A Declared State Of Emergency.

Many businesses and organizations are having a hard time deciphering Alberta’s New Restrictions and how they apply to them. Here at The Goldfire Group, it is with full understanding and direction to clear up any confusion that may affect the operation of your business

Many feared such a move to re-open after the first wave was too fast. The need to keep it real, get it right, so their business could remain open, even during a second, third and fourth wave, would require a strong game plan.

A Strong Game Plan included listening to the experts. The best directives come from infectious disease experts who have identified five strains of Covid 19 with an added twist. This Virus can mutate into something more lethal.

The best advice is from those experts echoed by The W.H.O., Or World Health Authority. Wearing a three-ply mask both inside a business and outside where people are present is now a must. keeping your distance now eight (8) feet instead of six (6) feet is the new recommendation as in winter the droplets will stay in suspension much longer.

Further, the recommendation is to carry hand sanitizer with you at all times and use it before and after touching a surface or item you may not be sure about.  In addition, one that can be used as an aerosol spray.  We now know that transmission from nose to nose, through a shared air space is the latest information available by the experts.  It only takes two droplets to spread a variant. This is why masking will continue to play an important protective role.  So, you need a solution liquid enough to use as a spray.  Believe it or not, the most contaminated surface is the Interac machines and the cards we use. The TAP feature is a good way to go.  Spaying/wiping of the machines on larger transactions is a must.  If the amount and a TIP is to be selected, ask your server to complete these functions for you. Clean your cards, machines regularly and that includes handling cash.  Hand held carrying baskets is another offender.  The best rule is to spay everything before you touch it!

Based on the Research on-going, The Goldfire Group recommends and carries two branded pharmaceutical and medical-grade products. Our research has identified and proven them to be effective. You will find them on our site at a very fair price based on the supplier’s ability to provide the product.

These Products are:

The Goldfire Group has already developed a safe strategy for Barbers, Salons, Esthetics, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Grills with the products identified you will need to safely maintain or re-open valued @ $250.00 CDN. You will find this strategy As A Covid 19 Solution on our Development Page, summarizing all the best tested and proven strategies that can be applied to your business..  There is a Covid 19 Marketing Package offered to go with it in an effort to bring to light “Safe Places” for people to work and customers to patronize.  This Marketing Package is fully costed out product – wise and posted with a FREE Web Analysis under our new Marketing Section.   The plan is to make it not only affordable but effective and easy to implement. 

Feel free to contact us for a FREE assessment to identify to what degree of protection and safety your operation will need to re-open and stay open.

Be that model business.

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