ILAHUI SOFT FABRIC FASHION F Re-usable, Washable Masks

Will need to rotate the graphic right, to get the top to bottom view.  Update the Graphic, use the top row.

NEW: Re-usable, Washable Adult Masks @3.99 each (Price remains the same)

Update and add Available Colors to:  Blue, Black, Grey & Pink.

Description:  This is a Fashionable, Re-usable, Washable Adult Mask, offering Three (3D) Dimensional Protection, Also Certified for use in dust or haze conditions.  Can be re-used many times.  Although not adjustable the fit meets international requirements and is certified for use.


NEW: Adult CLASSIC C  Mask, Second & Third Row (Except the very last one – Children’s’ Mask) @ $4.99 each.  Masks marked with the Panda Bear are up-gradable in layers of protection.

Available Colors: Deep Red, Light Grey, Black & Pink

CLASSIC C  Children’s Masks

NEW: Children’s CLASSIC C  Mask, Third Row (the very last one -Children’s Mask) @ $4.99 each.  Fourth n& Fifth Row / Masks marked with the Panda Bear are up-gradable in layers of protection.  Available in Orange, Yellow, Pink, Deep Red, Blue, Black.

Utilize info on the reverse side in the description for all classic masks.

CLASSIC C  Little Children’s Masks

NEW: Little Children’s CLASSIC C  Mask,  @ $5.99 each.  See graphic Supplied.. Available in White, Black & Pink Patterns


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