Answer: We are a ‘Full Service Business’. From a Consulting aspect we work with people who are looking for good products and services we can recommend, resolving issues they are experiencing in the marketplace. Businesses are now navigating through not only recessionary periods, but a new economy with different rules of engaging with their staff, employees and customers. It is our mission to find solutions to any impediments that prevent businesses from accomplishing their objectives and goals.

Answer: Very good question. First approached to market the services of two businesses, then a third. The fourth came after we identified some issues we addressed. All four companies are with the same owner and his partner. It is was a very easy decision to take on the offer to market the fourth business, which carried a full line of products to combat COVID 19. Further, after researching each product, we were thoughly impressed with their make-up and effectiveness. The Delon 50% Alcohol with medical ingredients, quality and radius of spray with the travel bottles are samples we hand out. The Lysol Products need no explanation, except we are fortunate to get an ongoing supply. Our wipes come as a nice large towelet and moist a long time, which means more surfaces or hands sanitized without compromise. We quickly received very positive feedback on all these products. Back orders are usually filled in two (2) weeks which is a very fair time frame as most businesses run out and are having a tough time getting product, period. We also can take custom orders as to product and quantities. Try us out, we aim to please.

Answer: Absolutely. We will only recommend businesses that we have had and continue to have a positive experience. If you need more reassurance about a business, its services or product that has approved information, testimonials or advertising on our website, do not hesitate to ask.

Answer: Many of our packages offered on the Consulting side of the business can start right after that package is identified to be the best choice for you business needs, if you are looking for on-line services, a quote can be supplied and once it meets with your approval, we will proceed as agreed. Products ordered through our website only take two (2) days to process, and once funds are received your order is packaged and shipped. We have a special on right now were those in my area of North Edmonton, on an order of $90.00 will receive FREE Delivery. As to the rest of the Province, Nationally, & Internationally we have an account with Canada Post, Or you may choose the preferred shipping method that suits you best.

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