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GOLD FIRE DISTRIBUTORS is a Sole Proprietorship And Parent, registered in the Province of Alberta, licensed to operate by The City of Edmonton.  The objective, to deliver high-performance products and services.

Starting back at the time of telephone answering systems, followed by the distribution of Molly Black Gold And Split Fire Spark Plugs.  Business Solutions lead to a number of opportunities in Automotive, Office And Stationary Supply.  Strengthened by strong sales presentations, quality product, value added incentives, backed by a high level of customer service.  These strengths continue to be important keys to a successful economic recovery.  The ability to adapt or transition in order to meet and fill a market niche’, further diversifying our economy will play a commanding role.

Business Trends brought about advancements into traditional networking, marketing, sales support and advertising with an early move into online services. The need to raise business capital by Developing Business Plans And Private Share Options for investment.

This laid the foundation for The GOLD FIRE GROUP a division providing the platform to define and present all products, strategies, services relevant to today’s marketplace. This division is now primed to deliver on many fronts which will be added as our research and development progresses. R&D has been lacking on many levels for years in the Americas. We have now seen what can be accomplished when the needed investment is made in the fight against Covid 19 supporting the quest to develop effective protection and vaccines.

Enter Covid 19 And Variant Strains of the Virus, forever changing the way we do business and participate in what is now called, “The New Economy”. Forcing us to streamline our operations find new, innovative ways to interact, communicate, employ and do business. The re-introduction of products that have compounds with the ingredients researched to be effective in the battle toward achieving “The New Normal” along with their application and use will become center stage. Our Solution Packages will identify And Summarize recommendations put forth by the experts. Based on these recommendations And Solutions lead to the development of effective, doable Marketing Packages that can be further customized and updated moving forward. Needed services related can also be employed to match the needs of individuals and businesses.

Currently, offers the following Products And Services, Helping Business Bounce Back:

The Gold Fire Group
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