Why A Private Share Option?

Why A Private Share Option? Business start of with A Private Share Option. To gain more exposure, a business, mostly large corporations will go public. However, in resent years, markets have entered more times than not into what is called ‘Market Flux’, when markets become unstable and fluctuate. This instability is a result of a lack of confidence which has many investors leaving their money on the sidelines. The Private Share Option removes that instability and restores investor confidence, knowing that their share investment will only increase in value.

In the case of Gold Fire Distributors, I’d be attracting mainly ‘B Share Or Trading Share’ Investors, looking for a 20% to 40% Return On Investment (ROI) with an added 10% reinvested dividend after one year and every year following. They would need to become a Gold Fire Group Member, a lifetime membership of $500.00 takes care of managing the shares. You must be a member to move or offer the shares to another potential investor. If a member offers and moves the share(s) to another member after one year, those shares will be moved @ 50% RIO over and above their value. The member who moves those shares receives 20% commission, the member investor offering the shares sees a 30% ROI, which includes the reinvested dividend. If the member investor offers and moves their own shares they will see a full RIO of 50% including the reinvested dividend. All Private Share And Business Plans developed for a business will follow the above platform and can be scrutinized by Alberta Securities. The value of my business including up-and-coming services and products have yet to be determined. I’m working off a projected value-added figure of four million dollars, based on comparable industries and reported values. In fact, this is a conservative value which will become more detailed as each Division is assessed.

Investors will have a limited say as to the direction and future development of the business and divisions by written submission. Overall, decisions will lie with the owner(s) holding controlling ‘A Shares’.

  • A Friendly Or Hostile Takeover will require a minimum buy-out of 51% of ALL Private shares. Shares purchased prior by investor members can either be held by those members or offered with the ROI added as laid out above.
  • As ‘B Shares’ are traded with a forty to fifty (40-50) percent ROI, the value of those shares belonging to that Division’s Category will automatically increase to the new traded value.
  • Based on an initial calculation of 9,000 shares the share value would be $444.44 per share. Leaving room to designate more divisions that in turn capture our products and services which may lower or increase the cost per share on the initial offering.
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