It may be no secret. Due to the unfriendly actions of some countries to do harm, we have banned any sale of their products and services or doing any business with them. 

Thankfully, there are new friendly countries that deserve our attention as potentially global partners both economically and socially.

Could a bridge for peace in the Middle East be made with 🇶🇦 Qatar as it negotiates the successful release of hostages taken by Hamas.. Blessed be the peacemakers and those who support a humanitarian break to render aid to those who are victims of the attacks.  I completely support Mayor Sohi’s remarks.   Fully support the Federal Government’s position in backing Israel and the irradiation of Hamas.  It goes to show that when people lose their democratic rights, they lose their ability to govern and make positive change.

As we must appreciate the Polish people and their quick ongoing support for those fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian war. The countries supporting the Ukrainian people deserve our support, both economically and socially.

Our Federal Government’s actions, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in developing increased international trade with Japan. Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia must not be overlooked.  The valued relationships that can be built will mean more access to markets, goods, and services that will benefit not only Canadians but the world economy.

Goes to show for every negative reaction, there is a positive number of major developments we can all get behind.

Be a part of it, have you got your Gold membership yet?  Let’s make positive change together and make the world a better place.

Gregory N Reimer
The Gold Fire Group
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