Travel & Destinations Solutions Package

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The Travel & Destinations Solutions Package providing the airlines, airports, cruising and hotel/resort/motel hospitality industry, trains, freight transports, buses and vehicles all that is needed to reopen and stay open for business, adhering to the strictest of restrictions.  On both these packages, you need to:  First, purchase Covid 19 Solution Package for Business.  Then Second, commit to Or meet to all elements detailed in The “I’m In The Safe Zone”  Covid 19 Marketing Package for Business.  This will allow you to move forward to obtaining access to this package and others to be posted.

Why do I need those two packages?  Very simple.  Any Travel And Destination will need to enact these packages first, in order to move forward as integral parts to this process.  Chances are, your facilities have staff, employees, places to wine, dine or order meals from.  Where you would usually have people in close proximity to one another, this will need to change and become apart of the new normal routine. 

Lets start with what we are dealing with as in a no travel crackdown there are serious restrictions.  In any event, there needs to be a move toward no contact and creating a safe place for people to be.  This will become increasingly important since there is a crack down on travel, in fact no travel abroad with strict measures on both Provincial And Inter-Provincial travel.  Getting tested before you leave home to go anywhere will become a must, along with rapid tests taken on re-entry to Canada or any Province along with the test taken before re-entry proving you are negative.  You will be required to self isolate at your own expense for fourteen (14) days and then get a negative test result before being able to travel further or travel home.  Although essential travel is only being allowed, this could well be the model for non-essential going forward.  Either way, we must continue to take all precautions to stop the spread, especially that of the new variants, even well after everyone gets vaccinated and a booster is administered in addition to the one or two injections required, depending on the vaccine.

Travel & Destinations Package

Limiting close contact, containing the spread of this virus is of the highest concern among health professionals.  Lifting restrictions is continually proving to be a dangerous game of Russian Ru-let.   The answer lies in working within these restrictions to get approval from both local, regional and national health authorities.  Working with your health authorities and not against them, will produce better, quicker, longer lasting remedies.  Case in point is the latest flight restrictions to Warm And Sunny Destinations with no flights offered from Air Canada, West Jet, Sun Wing, And Transat until April 30th, 2021

Regional & International Border Restrictions are now requiring rapid testing and isolation. There are provinces, such as Manitoba who just recently closed their borders even to inter-provincial and international travel in an effort to bring their case numbers down.  Before these latest restrictions were announced  Flair & Transat were flying to Interprovincial and holiday destinations.  Canadians will be allowed to come home as long as the new restrictions are respected.  Underlining the importance of working with Regional & Provincial Health Authorities has to lead to both Junior And NHL Hockey play.  Another allowance just reported is the filming of the Bachelorette TV Series at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (JPL), which would set a precedent in respect to flights and transportation to an isolated resort community, self-contained with the ability to bring in provisions and supplies.  An interesting travel & destination option for corporate, business or family reunion retreats.  However, given the super spreader viruses, we still need to be vigilant and maintain good hygiene, washing hands frequently wearing masks , keeping distance of eight feet from others and carrying your personal travel bottle of Delon 50 With Medical Compounds And/Or Medical Hydrogen Peroxide with you at all times in an effort to maintaining “A Safe place.”  Making sure your spray first, be for you touch or make contact with any surface.  Obviously, this will require a good deal of planning with the blessing of both governments/health authorities, your destination/resort and your chosen forms of transportation.

A fine example of “A Safe Place”; The Edmonton International Airport, which employs many examples of a ‘No Touch’ environment.  This is a result of numerous upgrades and expansions both benefiting their passenger and cargo operations, making the EIA one of the most active globally, indeed the Western Hemisphere.  This can be seen as you move through the facility, self-evident in their restrooms with open entry, all their vanities, faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers are ‘No Touch’.  Definitely raising the bar to a new standard that all airports should aspire to, before their re-opening, seeing an increase in passenger service.

Regaining your confidence in air travel is a major concern with The EIA And their carriers.  Becoming more evident with A Covid 19 Rapid Test that can significantly reduce any necessary delays towards reaching your destination.  If you may kindly recall, The EIA also employs blue light technology to sterilize seating areas, baggage carts, etc.  Every option to make air travel safe is being employed.  Here again, given the super spreader viruses, we still need to be vigilant and maintain good hygiene, washing hands frequently wearing masks , keeping a distance of eight feet from others and carrying your personal travel bottle of Delon 50 With Medical Compounds And/Or Medical Hydrogen Peroxide with you at all times in an effort to maintaining “A Safe place.” where-ever you may go.

Another Line Of Defense, is needed within and outside an Airport Or Travel Terminal & Destinations control, which lies with those who travel.  Whether it be to or from as an employee or guest.  The threat of Covid 19 and its ability to mutate into a virus that the latest vaccines are not necessarily equipped to protect people against is real.  And although vaccinations may be a short term solution, along with an added booster, we can expect more and different viruses in the future.  Like the four-way influenza shot we get every year which protects us against the worst ones, like H1N1, you can expect the same kind of regiment with Covid 19.  In fact, when talking about the South African Variant, Vaccinations may not necessarily effective against this new strain.  This is where the need for another line of defense comes into play.  Enter the distribution of Travel Packages & Travel Bottles Filled containing Delon 50 With Medical Compounds And/Or Medical Hydrogen Peroxide being placed in the hands of everyone who travels for work or pleasure.  These products are the safest to use in this regard as Alcohol products around 70% are not safe around children and are for adult use only as a spay or to use as a rubbing alcohol.  As with any product, our recommendation before even making a purchase is to read the labels, check the ingredients and instructions for use.   If you need any information on our products, just ask.

Travel, Transport, Boarding & Aircraft Seating:  Making sure you spray first with Delon 50 With Medical Compounds And/Or Medical Hydrogen Peroxide, before you touch or make contact with any surface or tempted to shake a person’s hand, show love and respect for yourself and others.  This is something we need to embrace and make habitual, a part of our everyday life.  Especially when it comes to close quarters, such as seating someone in a taxi or car, climbing in and out of a transport or bus and especially between flights on aircraft.  Spraying the interior a few sprays in the air, on the seats you and your passengers should be a part of in an effort to make your form of transportation “A Safe Place”.  Seating should obey the eight-foot rule, a minimum of six feet.  Seating configurations need to be taken into account so the ability to move down an isle is not encroaching on ones space.  Face Shields during travel maybe encouraged adding that extra degree of safety.  Of course one would figure the cost to travel will increase, however, making this the standard of future travel and to strengthen an economic rebound, the costs will even out as there will be only a need for one cost to travel, a standardized cost for a family, co-Hort, couple or a single occupant.

Taking A Cruise will present a few more challenges, with all the packages presented prior to this one offer good remedies.  Canada has now issued further restrictions.  This means a ship may only carry one-hundred (100) passengers.  Having cruised on larger vessels, watching both of the “Below Deck Series”, one can relate to the challenges a Captain and Crew are faced with on a sail or even while in port.  The challenges on board a ship, centers around keeping the Captain, Crew, Passengers and Destinations safe.  Here again, the preplanning of such a cruise will require a Pre-Travel Covid Test for all that are aboard, limited interaction between Captain, Crew & Passengers.  Treat Destinations as an Isolated Resort and adhere to the Destinations Regional Health Restrictions.  Maintaining a manifest of those all on board and destinations will assist in the efforts of Contact Tracing.   ALL the aspects presented in this package apply to both large, medium and small vessels.  Common areas are to be socially distant with food and drink being brought to a table with passengers all on the other side.  Movement of Captain, Crew And Passengers must remain masked and socially distant.  The larger craft will need to confine ALL Aboard to the Vessel And simply offer An At Sea Voyage with NO excursions, making sure all surfaces mainly contacted are routinely wiped and sterilized six (6) times daily.   These larger crafts initially would depart from and return to the same port until other options are deemed safe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Evolution Of Travel can easily be the future as the desire in business, first class and economy for privacy, comfort and convenience becomes more common.  Not just for aircraft and luxury cruise ships anymore.  Limousines may have only been considered by the well to do, however, a Co-Hort, Covid tested party or family may see this as an ideal way to travel to a local or regional destination.  The demand for sleeping pods/berths became more and more popular in the work place as a way to increase productivity.  With more passengers, now working from a home office environment due to Covid 19, the need to have a pod that performs all these features, to allow people to work, relax and sleep while traveling from one place to another is becoming the ideal fit.  We can see futuristic Pods/Berths in Busses And Trains  In fact, with this demand, Air Bus is even considering developing its cargo hold into sleeping berths/pods.  Although Airlines have moved in this direction, those that are designed in a pod or cocoon like fashion will be the best way to offer further protection in a pandemic or infectious environment.  Cruise Ship Operators can upgrade the Passenger, Crew And Captain’s Cabins to meet isolation requirements.  Ship Builders can become more innovative as aircraft manufacturers in creating safer environments with wider isles and roomer, more equipped, comfortable staterooms to accommodate longer more enjoyable.

Here are examples. just google; enclosed sleeping pods on airplanes

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